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Q. When was the last time you were touched by digital communication?
A. The question you just read. Digital marketing = powerful opportunities to drive the conversation. If it plugs in it’s digital, And it works!

Ink on paper

Did it ever occur to you that other than radio all marketing communication can be visually experienced? That’s right. Print’s not dead and is an aggressive tool for engaging audience.

The beginning

Chick fil´A. FEDX. Publix. McDonalds. Ferrari. Chances are pretty good that you immediately pictured their logo in your mind. That’s brand identity. And the feeling you experienced is the brand experience—as you see it. But it all begins with the logo.

Always on

Fewer vehicles tell stories better than video. It’s imagery and sounds married into a concoction of emotions and memories. It’s power in the hands of a master storyteller. And the impact of video has lasting influence.


Small businesses fight hard, and we fight for hard for small business. DBG develops affordable programs for small businesses who are fighting to keep the lights on.

Craig M. Davis

Craig M. Davis

Owner/Creative Director/Story Teller

I am a firm believer that your customers are much more likely to remember a compelling story about your product or service over some regurgitated mundane facts and figures. And I’m completely convinced that every company has a story to tell. Some are good and some not.

The great stories stick. Imagine a warm rice crispy treat, tossed and rolled into a fuzzy wool sweater. Not good eating, but the memory will stick around. Sadly, most great small businesses just don’t have the time or resources to tell their sticky story.

And that’s where we come in. I’m Craig Davis and at Davis Brand Group our team excels at converting boring facts and benefits and turning them into memorable stories that lodge deep inside the furry parts of customer’s brains. You have a story to tell. Let us make it great.

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